• Mikayla Nogueira

An update on my acne journey...

Before reading this article, please watch the Tik Tok below to see my acne transformation!

I took one photo per week while on this journey. During that time, I changed nothing, which means I kept my skincare routine and diet the same. Of course, stress levels were increased due to COVID-19, which I took into account throughout the four weeks.

Several months ago I opened up to the world for the first time about my struggles with acne. The outpour of messages and support that I have received in the several months have been incredibly kind and humbling.

In my first article revealing my acne to the world, which can be read HERE, I was terrified to share my insecurity. I had no idea what people would think and I did not want to lose support from the beauty community. It's so cut throat out there.

But I did it, and it has changed my life, seriously. I made a promise to my readers and to everyone I know that I would overcome the obstacle that is my acne, and embrace the skin I am in. I promised to continuously update you all on my acne, which I have been doing! It has honestly been to refreshing.

Since January, I have become incredibly comfortable with my acne. To the point where I made the decision to incorporate it into my social media, whether it be on Instagram, Facebook, or Tik Tok. As you may have read from my previous article, which can be read HERE, I posted my first ever Tik Tok showing my acne to hundreds of thousands of people from across the globe. There was something so liberating about that, which led me to posting my third ever Tik Tok addressing my acne directly. That Tik Tok has amassed over 14 million views and 2.5 million likes in less than three weeks. Something that I never imagined happening to me, a girl from a small farm town in the middle of no where.

Taking it one step further, my talk about makeup and acne has been featured on In The Know, Cosmopolitan, and Tyla

What a journey these past three weeks have been. But, let's get to what you came here for - how I cleared up my acne in four weeks.


As you saw from the Tik Tok above, my acne has drastically reduced in the last four weeks. I have had acne since 5th grade. Throughout the years, my acne has progressively gotten worse. I have tried dozens of brands. Some I had no luck with at all. Some worked, but only for a short while.

So what did I do?

Now, I have to say I have been a major fan of Tati (glamlifeguru) since she started her YouTube channel many years ago. Not long ago, she released her very own supplements, Halo Beauty. I was skeptical, truly, but I kept seeing the before and after photos people were posting. What was significant about many of the before and afters was how fast their acne went away. I was consistently blown away. So finally, I caved and decided to try the brand. I ordered the Halo Beauty Kiwi Seed Booster. I had no idea what to expect, but I never expected the results I got.

I have tried skin supplements in the past, but nothing worked quite like this. According to the Halo Beauty website, the Kiwi Seed Booster:

  • Minimizes Fine Lines and Wrinkles*

  • Supports Collagen and Keratin Production*

  • Supports Clear and Radiant Complexion*

  • Supports a Natural Moisture Barrier for Hydrated Skin*

  • Inhibits Bacteria, Balances pH, and Renews Skin*


"Our proprietary patent pending Kiwi Booster formula is the very best supplement for your skin you can buy anywhere! It's made in the USA with the highest quality of ingredients in a state of the art facility that manufactures according to strict FDA guidelines and good manufacturing principles (“cGMP” current good manufacturing practices). Halo Beauty is made with a lot of love (and none of the bad stuff) and we believe that you're gonna love it!"


Vitamin D3 (Vegan from Lichen), Vitamin B1 (as Thiamine), Vitamins B2 (as Riboflavin), Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine), Zinc (as zinc methionine), Rosehip Powder Extract (4:1), Bromelain extract, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Embilca Officianalis (Amla) 45% Tannins, Grape Seed Extract, Quercetin, Ceramide-Rx® (Gluten-free Phytoceramides), Kiwi-Rx™, Astaxanthin.

Now, I want to mention I have zero affiliation with this brand. Tati and Halo Beauty don't even know I exist, so I don't want this blog post coming off as an "ad." My goal is NOT to sell this product, and do not feel the need to buy it. I am simply sharing something that actually worked for me, and has made me feel really good about my skin.

The photos are in order from Week 1 to Week 4 (the "final" result).

I really am blown away, and I can't believe how confident I feel posting those photos. Now, it is very obvious that this supplement helped with my acne, but I also have to say my skin has never felt as soft as it does. It also feels "youthful" and "glowy." I am feeling really happy with my skin since I started taking this supplement, and I have a feeling my skin will only continue to get better. So, Halo Beauty, if you ever see this, I just want to say thank you! I really cannot believe I found a product that actually works. It's unimaginable, but I am stoked.

Now, let's talk about acne scars. Unfortunately, much of my acne left behind acne scarring, which is a lot of what is pictured in the photos above. While I was using the Halo Beauty supplement, I decided to try a brand called Banish. I had seen a YouTube video of the founder of the product using the products and figured why not try this. There are so many acne scar solutions out there, but nothing has worked for me. Also, my boyfriend has significant acne scars, and I would really like to try the Banish products on him as well to see how it will work for him. I think it would be very helpful, so whenever I get to see him again, which is the unknown (due to COVID-19), we will test it out!

So, I have been using the Banish Starter Kit, which is described as the following on the Banish website:

"The Starter Kit's armed with 6 full sized holy-grail skin care products to prevent and combat concerns like hyperpigmentation, breakouts, or the look of scars! The Banish Starter Kit is our best-selling kit and our number 1 recommendation when starting your Banish journey!   

All products are natural, vegan, and cruelty-free.  

Suitable For

  • All Skin Types - There's something for everyone!

What's It For?

  • Great for acne prone skin

  • Reduces the look of acne scars and hyperpigmentation

  • Improves look of uneven Skin tone and Texture

  • Promotes Skin Elasticity

  • Reducing appearance of fine lines

What You'll Get In The Banish Starter Kit:

  • Banish Oil ( vitamin c serum ) – Made fresh with the most potent form of vitamin c: L-ascorbic acid. Reduce the look of acne scars and hyperpigmentation faster compared to other forms of Vitamin C!

  • Vitamin C Beauty Elixir - A facial mist for a boost of vitamin C to add moisture back to skin and awaken tired and dull appearing skin.

  • Banisher 2.0 - The new Banisher to effectively battle acne scars! Features gold plated titanium bristles, a built in protective cap and cleaning container, and design that improves the pressure and effectives of the bristles.  The Banisher doesn't hurt and feels like velcro being pressed onto skin. 

  • Pumpkin Enzyme Masque - Packed with AHAs and BHAs that are natural exfoliators, it sloughs off dead skin cells that revitalizes and improves the texture and tone of skin. Wonderful for acne prone skin.

  • Fighter Gel - A water based gel that’s great for calming redness, eczema, irritation and inflammation. Try it on breakouts or areas of eczema.

  • Vitamin C Creme- A skin repairing creme concentrated with 20% vitamin c! Light hydrating creme that won't leave a heavy or greasy feel.

  • Storage Bag

Sometimes we get acne, or scars, but it's normal. You're still worthy, and enough as you are."

Now, reading all of this sounds amazing right? Well, recently I found out it actually is as amazing as it sounds.

The product that really has blown me away is the Banisher 2.0. I am going to include the video of the founder explaining it because she does a much better job than I ever could! This video explains how to use the entire starter kit.

Isn't it so innovative and cool? I am so pleased with how this brand has pushed my skin to the next level and has helped bring back my confidence. My acne scarring has faded drastically thanks to the Banisher 2.0.

Banish actually heard about my success with their products and reached out to me. If you use code MIKAYLA at check out you will save money! I am not making commission, but they want you guys to be able to try the products at a discounted rate because I really recommend it. If you do use the code, let me know! I really want to follow others along their acne or acne scarring journey!

So, finally we are at the end of this blog post. I cannot express my appreciation enough towards Halo Beauty and Banish. The combination of these two brands transformed my skin, my confidence, and my mind set. Have you tried either of these brands? Let me know your thoughts! And if you decide you want to try them, I want to hear from you! Us folks with acne our in this journey together.

Hey, thanks for reading, and stay safe out there.

Mikayla Jane

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored or affiliated with the brands mentioned. All opinions are my own. While these products worked well for my skin, we all have unique skin and these products may not work for you like they did for me. Still worth giving it a shot I'd say!