• Mikayla Nogueira

How to master colorful eyeshadow...

Here's the thing - I am definitely the queen of colorful eyeshadow, but I only say that because during my four years at Bryant University I have not seen a single person wearing colorful eyeshadow in their everyday life, pretty sad! I often hear people say "Your eyeshadow is so pretty, I wish I could do something like that!" "I could never wear colorful eyeshadow." Or, "I have always wanted to try colorful eyeshadow but I think it would look horrible on me."

Well, my response is - You can do it. You could wear it. It wouldn't look horrible on you.

In reality, people don't really wear colorful eyeshadow all that much. We constantly see it on the saturated platform otherwise known as Instagram.

Instagram is highly populated by makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts, so on every beauty guru profile, you are bound to see some playful and colorful eyeshadow looks. It makes it seem as though colorful eyeshadow is the norm really, but that's not the case, at least not in New England.

So I hope to inspire some of you today to give colorful eyeshadow a go. First, I will recommend some of the techniques to make colorful shadow application a lot easier for you. Then, I will give recommendation for some of the BEST colorful eyeshadows! So stick around!

Colorful Eyeshadow Recommendations and Techniques

First things first, you need the right brushes. If you are using poor quality brushes, you are going to have a poor experience. For your eyes, you should have an assortment of brushes, varying in size and purpose. Shown here is a depiction of the typical eye brushes you would find in a makeup artists collection. I wrote an article a while ago talking about my favorite makeup brushes, you can read about them here. With colorful looks, the brushes you'll be using most are likely blending brushes. Colorful eyeshadows often take more time to blend because of their formulation. In some cases, the shadows won't be as pigmented as you'd like, but you can use your small blending brush to build the color. If you're doing a more detailed look, you may use pencil brushes, flat shaders, wing liner brushes, etc. It all depends on what eye look you're trying to achieve, as well as how much time you truly want to spend on your makeup. For me, very detailed looks can take upwards of two and a half hours. If I am doing a simple colorful look though, it could take less than 30 minutes.

Next, you need a good base. If you are not using an eyeshadow base, then your makeup is not living up to its fullest potential. What is a base? A base, otherwise known as eyeshadow primer, is typically a creamy product that you can place on your bare lids prior to applying eyeshadow. Bases can be blended out with fingers, sponges, or a brush. Not all bases are the same, as some are far better than others in terms of quality and performance. Bases usually have no color or are lightly tinted. Some brands offer eyeshadow bases in vibrant colors such as blue, pink, and purple if you want to make your colorful shadows more vibrant. You can also use concealer as a base, but like eyeshadow primers, not all concealers perform the same. If the concealer is too liquidy, it will not perform well. You need a creamy and non-slippery concealer that is slightly tacky if you are using it as a base for your eyes. The best eyeshadow bases I use on a regular basis are the P. Louise base and the Anastasia Beverly Hills base.

When P. Louise launched their eyeshadow bases, they immediately went viral online. They were unlike any other eyeshadow base on the market. They are thick, creamy, and blend out like a dream when placed on the eye lids. They come in a variety of colors as well. My eyeshadow looks absolutely changed when I started using this base! It is not too pricey either, which is great. You can find them here. I have had my current P. Louise base for over a year now and the tube is still nearly full. I use it every single day, so a little goes a long way. $15

My second eyeshadow base recommendation is the Anastasia Beverly Hills eye primer. This is very similar to the P. Louise eyeshadow base, but there are slight differences. First off, there is only one shade, but it works for everyone. There is technically no color to it, even though it appears that way. Also, it is not nearly as thick as the P. Louise. Sometimes, if the product sits for too long, it can be overly liquidy, but you just have to shake it up and it is back to normal. This comes in full size for $23 or a smaller size for $13. The price is fairly reasonable for the amount of product you get and how long it will last. You can find this product here.

Now, we have our brushes and our eyeshadow base. So, let's talk about technique. Now I can't necessarily visually show you how I do my colorful eyeshadow looks on this blog post, but I can describe it. When you want impactful color, it's about packing the shadow onto the eye rather than swiping. Use a small or medium blending brush to pack. If you start by packing the shadow, the color will saturate onto the eyeshadow base. Once you have the shadow packed, you can then start to blend it out with a blending brush. As far as where to start, pack the shadow along the crease of your eye and then blend up to your brows to soften the edges. If I am putting shimmer on my eyes, or glitter, I always use my finger tips. This is why my nails are really short. I can be very precise with my fingers. By using your fingers, you can pick up more product and pack it down to be more pigmented. If you want your shimmer or metallic shadows to be more intense, pick the shadow up with a flat brush and then spray the shadow with water or Mac Fix + to give it a wet look. This can also enhance pigmentation. Also, do not be afraid to mix different colors, like mixing greens with purples or blues with pinks. It can be really fun! Here are some examples of looks I have done.

The Best Colorful Eyeshadow Palettes

These are my personal palette recommendations for colorful eyeshadow looks. Many of these palettes I use everyday for the looks I feature on my Instagrams. These palettes are of the highest pigmentation and quality, and also will blend easier than others.

  1. Norvina Volume 1 Palette - $60

  2. Norvina Volume 2 Palette - $60

  3. Norvina Volume 3 Palette - $60

  4. Colourpop Rainbow Palettes Vault - $55

  5. Colourpop She's A Rainbow Palette - $40

  6. James Charles Palette - $39

  7. Violet Voss Bright Vibes Palette - $30

  8. Me, Myself, and MMMMitchell Palette - $32.95

  9. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Jaw Breaker Palette - $58.00

  10. NYX Brights Ultimate Shadow Palette - $18.00

There are many more, but start with these selections! They are some of the best of the best in terms of color selection and pigmentation.

If you do want to see detailed tutorials of how I do my eyeshadow looks, you can follow my instagrams @mikaylanogueira or @mikaylajmakeup. On @mikaylanogueira I do detailed video tutorials on my story. On @mikaylajmakeup, I post all of my looks.

While your colorful eyeshadow looks will not be perfect in the beginning, they will get there. It is all about learning and experimenting. Don't be afraid of what could happen, keep an open mind! If you need help - you can book a consultation with me or a makeup lesson. Contact me for pricing and details.

I hope that you'll try a colorful eye look, and if you do, I hope to see. Everybody needs a little color in their life.

Thanks for reading,

Mikayla Jane