• Mikayla Nogueira

I showed my acne to the world, here's what happened... [PHOTOS]

Updated: Mar 12

So, two months ago I decided to share my biggest insecurity with my readers: my acne. Before reading THIS article, I highly recommend reading the FIRST ARTICLE I wrote on this topic. Click here to read!

Since I posted that first article, I have felt liberated in a way. I promised I would keep you all updated on my acne and my journey towards accepting who I am, so here I go. I haven't felt as scared to post or show my skin without the makeup on. I have been reflecting a lot on the reaction I received from the first article - and because of it, I felt confident to do something very out of my comfort zone today.

I posted a makeup tutorial - from beginning to end. Yup, I shared my bare face in the form of a video for tons of people to see. I featured the video on my Instagram story, where I shared my daily makeup routine in a step-by-step fashion. I talked my viewers through the process that I go through to get from point A to point B. In the following photos, you're able to see a before and after of the look I did on my Instagram story. Both photos are entirely unedited so you can really see how impactful makeup is!

As you can imagine, sharing a live video of myself without makeup on was terrifying. It is so crazy to me to look at these before and afters, seeing how different I appear. I was nervous about the response. Would people unfollow me after they have seen how I truly look? Well yes, I have lost quite a few followers because of the videos - but that's really no biggie to me. The number of followers you have is unimportant, which I learned in the last few years. How would people respond to the Instagram videos? Well, see for yourself -

Here are a few of the responses I received after I posted the bare-faced makeup tutorial. The support means more than words can express, and it brings me confidence that I never felt I could have. I really feel grateful to have a fan base that is supportive of me and willing to be non-judgmental and kind. I mean, I am sure you've seen how cruel people on the Internet can be.

I have grown so much so far in 2020 - in the direction of accepting myself. Trust me, I have a very very long way to go, but I am proud of my progress. Posting the video tutorials of my makeup on Instagram was extremely hard for me, and out of my comfort zone. But, based on the response, I think I will be doing them more often. I love to show people my passion. It is so fun and I feel so creative. Nothing makes me happier!

If you're interested in viewing the makeup tutorial, you can find it on my Instagram @mikaylanogueira. It's a great way to see what my personality is like as well! I post video tutorials consistently of my eyeshadow looks, and now I will post full-face videos once in a while as well. I am so proud of myself beyond words for what I did today.

I know for some it may seem like no big deal, and that's fine! This is my journey. This is my personal growth. And I am damn proud to be able to post a photo of myself without makeup! And now, a video! It is something I never thought I would do.

Again, thank you, and I will continue to keep you updated on my acne and my journey towards self-love!

Thanks for reading,

Mikayla Jane