• Mikayla Nogueira



I figure it only makes sense to crown one cosmetic brand as the most stellar brand of the year. This year was a major year for beauty, with so many brands having sell-out launches. The beauty industry has grown drastically over the last decade. With new brands being added into the industry pool every month, it is hard to pick and choose which brands to try and which to be faithful to. Beauty is no longer about simply looking "decent" on a daily basis, but has become a dominating art form for creatives to showcase their talent.

With that being said, choosing one brand as the beauty brand of the year is no easy task. There is so much to consider. What launches did they have? How successful were they? Did the brand come out with new and innovative products? How does each brand compare to their competitors? How has the brand grown over the last year?

I asked myself all of these questions and had such trouble deciding which brand I wanted to crown. Many brands come to mind: Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Urban Decay, Fenty, Norvina x Anastasia Beverly Hills, Pat McGrath Labs, and many more. So many brands had explosive launches and came out with show-stopping products that I simply had to buy. Jeffree Star Cosmetics had the biggest cosmetics launch of all time with the JSC x Shane Dawson Conspiracy Collection. Every single product in the entire collection sold out in a matter of hours. ABH launched a new foundation, setting powder, the Jackie Aina palette, the Carli Bybel palette, Norvina collection, and more. Fenty came out with trend-setting products and brought diversity to the industry. Pat McGrath Labs came out with the Star Wars collection that sold out in minutes. There is so much to look back on. So much to be proud of!

However, there is one brand I have not mentioned. This brand was founded in 2014 in Los Angeles, California and quickly gained popularity through their successful social media marketing strategies. There is so much about this brand that is unique and different compared to many others. They do things that set them apart from the competitors.

First, the pricing. This brand is incredibly affordable, which made it attractive to consumers from the start. If anyone knows anything about cosmetics, they are often very cheap to actually make, but branding and packaging allows for brands to shoot the price up in order to make an incredible profit. This brand makes all of their products in their own warehouse, and they are very high quality. They only make what they need, so that they can budge well. In other words, they do not make mass amounts of inventory to have on hand, rather, they make the cosmetics as orders come in. Not to mention, the packaging is always absolutely adorable and well made. This is unlike every other brand, and highly impressive.

Second, the selection of products. This brand has nearly everything. Foundations. Concealers. Eyeshadow Palettes. Eyeliners. Mascara. Glitters. Cream Shadows. Lipstick and Gloss. Skincare. Powder. So much more! They have consistently kept up with other brands kept the consumers excited about launches. Every product they come out with seems to be incredible quality. I love their super shock cream shadows and their eyeshadow palettes the most! I also love the makeup brushes, they are so cheap, but so good!

Third, they are in Ulta! Slowly but surely, the brand has been entering Ulta stores. This brand was online only for many years, but with massive growth, they have been able to enter the conglomerate territory. They always have really cute displays in store, and the products are always selling out. Some people do not like buying cosmetics online, so having them in-store was a very smart move for the brand. They are not in every Ulta, but someday soon I hope they will be!

Fourth, the launch patterns. Some people have absolutely lost their minds over how many launches this brand had in 2019. To name a few...

Solid Gold Collection

Rainbow Collection

Butterfly Collection

Frozen Collection

Disney Collection

Going Coconuts Collection

Call it Whatever Collection

Fall Glam Collection

Becky G Collection

And as I said, that is just to name a few!!! This brand shocked the beauty community by how many launches they had in 2019. Some were annoyed by it because they were dishing out all of the money they had for these products. Each collection has a unique set of products usually containing an eyeshadow palette, super shock shadows, eyeliner, lip products, and more. With so many launches, they are always in the spotlight.

Fifth, the marketing. This brand has a way with influencers and social media. That is the only advertising they do! They utilize beauty influencers to promote their products and allow for affiliate codes. They heavily utilize social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. In order to gain new followers and keep the brand in circulation, they do frequent giveaways on social media. The marketing team has incredible designs for the collections, and it is so clear that a lot of passion goes into each product. With so many launches throughout 2019, they really had to put in a lot of effort online to promote the products.

With all of this being said, have you figured out yet which brand I am referring to???

That's right! Colourpop Cosmetics. Not only is this a brand I really love, but I am so impressed by how much work they put in to 2019. They are officially crowned the Beauty Brand of the year! Congrats to them. I see so much success for them going forward. 2020 is going to be a big year for them!