• Mikayla Nogueira

The eyeshadow palette you need in your life...

There are a lot of different eyeshadow palettes I recommend, but there is one in particular that has stolen my heart recently. I am very picky on eyeshadow quality - and I only ever buy the best of the best eyeshadow palettes. I've had experience with all types of eyeshadow consistencies - patchy, chalky, creamy, too much kickback, pressed into the pan too hard, lack of pigmentation, beautifully pigmented, perfectly pressed, etc. I did not know what expect with this new palette dropping on the market.

When I saw this palettes reveal on Instagram, I was not sure what to think. What palette am I referring to? The new Jaclyn Hill Vol II Palette from Morphe. For a while, I went back and forth on whether to even share my love for this palette. Why? I don't exactly support Morphe as a brand because I find them to be inconsistent and use sketchy business practices. Also, some of their products, particularly their brushes, just suck. My other concern was that I am not a fan of Jaclyn Hill. I don't dislike her, I just don't follow her closely online. So to be clear, I am not endorsing Morphe or Jaclyn Hill, I just like the eyeshadows a lot.

Essentially, when I saw the palette online I did not expect that I would buy it. It was pretty and all, but I did not know if I wanted to buy into the controversy that is Jaclyn Hill and the Morphe brand. What changed? Well, when it came to Ulta stores, and I finally saw it for the first time. Something about this palette just hit differently. It was so much prettier in person. One thing I do appreciate about the Morphe eyeshadow palettes is the size and the amount of eyeshadows you get for the price. The palette comes with 35 shades for $39; not to mention you can use a discount code and get it even cheaper. I mean come on, that is a steal.

Now, it has been a long time since I bought a Morphe palette. Why? Well, the quality isn't always great. For instance, the quality of the Icy Fantasy Artistry Palette from Morphe is just so far behind. And if you were unaware, Morphe is under fire at this very moment for changing the formula of the original Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette and not informing their customers properly. The formula went from being vegan to non-vegan, which was not necessarily disclosed to the consumers. On top of that, because Morphe comes out with new palettes so frequently, it shows that they probably don't put a lot of love and time into them. However, they have had some major hits from their brand. I own some of their top sellers, such as the Jeffree Star x Morphe collab, the James Charles Palette, the original Jaclyn Hill Palette, the 'OG' 350 Palettes, the Dare to Create Palette, and others. I've definitely enjoyed using these palettes

Anyways - back to the reason you clicked on this article. So, when I saw the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Vol II palette in store, I could not seem to resist. I swatched every single shade, without an eyeshadow base, and was very impressed. Most all of

felt creamy, pigmented, and pressed well. What I loved most about the palette was the colors though. The brights and the neutrals were everything I needed in my perfect palette. I am a warm eyeshadow kind of girl, so this palette had my mouth watering.

So I bought it. And I am so happy I did. I have been playing with the palette for the past week and I am so impressed. I have done several looks - soft neutral glam and bright fun looks. The shadows go onto the eyes just as they swatched and blend out beautifully. I have not gotten bored of the palette because there are so many options for looks that can be created. It is so great! I truly give it a 9.5 out of 10 stars.

I think this palette will serve me well for when I am doing makeup for clients. There so many beautiful neutrals along with shimmers. You can do something very simple or very extravagant. I also think this palette is great for travel. Why do I say this? Well, the palette may be big, but it is so thin that it could easily fit into a backpack or purse.

What do I dislike about the palette? Well, like I said, it is tough that it is from Morphe x Jaclyn Hill, which is just very controversial. I also think that because Morphe is a multi-million dollar company, they could benefit from adding mirrors into the palettes they create, but they seem to have no interest in doing so. I guess their goal is to keep things cheap, which is why they are so loved by many.

Overall, I highly recommend you go pick yourself up the new Jaclyn Hill Vol II palette from Morphe. I think it is a must have in your collection if you love warm tones, a pop of color, and some bold neutrals. If you do pick one up, let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading,

Mikayla Jane